My public speaking comprises three principle themes:

Memoir and Legacy
In this series, I emphasize the importance of reviewing one’s life story and recording it for future generations. If your life were a book, what title would you give it? What type of story is it? And how can your early chapters inform what you want to do next? I use my own memoir as an example, as well as eight years of filmed interviews with people from all walks of life. 

Not Quite Satisfied
Not Quite Satisfied is an inspirational speaking series for corporations and institutions. We live in an age that mostly defines us by our professions. Hence the ubiquitous and emblematic question “What do you do”? I suggest a different approach, encouraging employees to view their lives more comprehensively. As individuals, our goal is to create rich and multi-faceted lives of which work is just one of many components. An employee who feels his/her life is flourishing in its totality is generally a more satisfied and engaged employee. My talks encourage audiences to rejoice in their achievements but to recognize that they, like all of us, can always do better.

6 1/2 Principles of Life
What is a life well lived in our 21st century? How might our answer today differ from the Greek philosophers, who posited the same question some 2,500 years ago? I offer my audience my 6 1/2 principles for a rich and satisfying life. But they’re only my principles. I open up the discussion to my audiences and invite them to offer their own. The limit is ten. The bartering is lively.