MENTOR ​COACHING                                                    

My mentor/coaching work is, in part, the consequence of having had a number of mentors throughout my career. These men and women have played important roles in my successes and have given me solace and perspective when I have failed. They have prodded me to look at things differently, more expansively, challenging my assumptions and pointing out my blind spots. They have taught me to ask the right questions in moments of crisis. They remind me that we never see ourselves, nor our lives, in quite the same way others see them. 

Good counsel can shift our thinking, move us to act more decisively and help us get out of the rut we might have dug for ourselves. My corporate mentorship consulting often involves working with men and women in the process of reimagining their lives. People, who at different phases of their lives, want to take their skills and refocus them on new and different adventures. 

The perception of the mentor is of a person who is older,  an avuncular figure who dispenses wisdom when we need it. That’s partly a misconception. A mentor can be anybody you admire for doing something better than you no matter their age. To this day, I have mentors. They happen to be mostly people in their 20s and 30s, who freshen up my views and outlook and challenge my assumptions. We all can do with a mentor’s perspective to help us live better, richer lives.