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As an executive coach, my work rests on experience as broad as university lecturer, entrepreneur, business consultant, professional interviewer and, yes, even captain of a national skydiving team in my mid-twenties. (Perhaps my greatest leadership challenge of all.) My early business consultancy involved mostly repositioning companies in line with changing goals and services. Today, I work with executives to help marshal their leadership capabilities. My methodology is the culmination of almost a decade of research and experimentation. I call it the PI Leadership Review ( PLR).

 In a Nutshell

What is a PI Leadership Review?
The PI Leadership Review (PLR) is a personalized leadership training system for top executives based on the power of self-awareness. It was developed by David Adams as the accumulative result of 30 years of business, consulting,research and teaching experience.

How can it help me?
Leadership is principally about character and philosophy and not technique. It is a commitment to a lifelong journey of personal improvement. PLR is designed to help young leaders get on the right track, and experienced leaders to review old habits and assumptions. PLR can help you see yourself as others see you and, as a result, an excellent way to bring about personal change.

Who should participate?
PLR is a rich and thorough process. It is designed for business leaders, including C-Suite level executives, and those poised to step into significant leadership positions. 

How does it work?
PLR is based on a two-stage, filmed interview, designed and edited to become the visual and aural text for review and discussions. The objective is to remove obstacles and all manner of personal undertow that might impede the achievement of your full aspirations as a leader. 

How can I get more information?
If you would like more information on PLR, call or email David by visiting Contact page of this website.