"Experience and wisdom are invaluable resources not to be wasted"

Experience worth Sharing


Seven Days is a fresh, innovative Vermont newspaper, which knows the state like no other. It recently published an in-depth article on my interview work. Take a look.

If we reflect on what our years have taught us, we discover we have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon and share. Wisdom distilled from experience is helpful to us all. It can guide, inspire and encourage us to live the adventure of our aspirations. I call it Experience Worth Sharing.

Experience Worth Sharing threads through all my professional endeavours: Corporate consulting, one-on-one memoir interviews, professional coaching, public speaking and writing. I believe that wisdom and insight transform our challenges, allowing us to resolve them with greater ease and creativity. 

So welcome to my website, and if what I do resonates, please get in touch.

"The years teach much which the days never know."

                                                                        Ralph Waldo Emerson



My current work has been built on strengths acquired as an entrepreneur, university lecturer, business consultant, professional interviewer, coach, public speaker and writer.

My discipline base is first and foremost in the humanities, which includes literature, philosophy, history and psychology. I am a true believer in the humanities. There is hardly a better foundation for living a life. However, I have also found the humanities invaluable in business. 

In our day and age, given the pace of change, we must continually learn new skills and broaden our fields of knowledge. However, the humanities taught me two permanent truths: imagination and creativity will always be among the most important assets for success in any endeavour we undertake. 

Here is my official CV.